The Erotic Artwork of SPACE BABE 113

An image of Space Babe 113

For some strange reason, I feel compelled to tell you about how I produce Space Babe 113.
  • The Space Babe 113 artwork is almost entirely digital.

    For the Space Babe 113 strips in The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton,
    I created the initial drawings using pencil and paper and scanned them, but that was unusual.
    As the premise of TNSCOOCD was that the artwork dated from the seventies, I felt I should work in a more traditional way,
    however I soon found that I was heavily processing the scanned pencils as with all other Space Babe 113 works...
    Some of the original drawings for The Knights Of Mars Episode One were also scanned pencils.

    Scanned pencils for part of the first Space Babe 113 strip in
    The Newpaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton:
    scanned pencils for part of TNSCOOCD

    The panel after "inking" on the PC (still a bitmap image):
    partially processed panel from TNSCOOCD

    Finished panel from The Newpaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton:
    finished panel from TNSCOOCD
    The drawing of Space Babe has been combined with a separate
    backgropund drawing (also a vectorised bitmap).
    The tones (dots) were created in Inkscape.

    For the original series, The Erotic Adventures Of Space Babe 113, I used a artwork package called "Pocket Artist" on an HP Ipaq PDA.
    Pocket Artist is/was a great package - well designed for the small screen and providing an impressive range of features.
    It was written by these people:

    Original PDA drawing for The Erotic Adventures Of Space Babe 113 Episode Three:
    Original image created on an IPaq PDA

    The panel as it appears in the Graphic Novel:
    finished panel from the Space Babe 113 graphic novel

    Sadly PDAs are now passe and I need something else...

    I've recently started using the Note software on a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone. The Galaxy Note has a very nice pen that feels rather good to draw with (it is specific to the Galaxy Note).
    The basic drawings for Episode Three of The Knights Of Mars were drawn using the Galaxy Note.

    I've also started using a program called Comic Workshop on a Nintendo 3DS handheld games console.
    This tries to be digital pencil and paper and despite its limited resolution, you can do realistic looking "pencils" with it.
    A non-Space Babe "page" "pencilled" on the 3DS

    Then there's an early tablet PC (from the days of Windows XP)... The basic drawings for The Knights Of Mars Episode Two started on this.

  • The images produced on the PDAs, PCs, 3DSes etc. are usually bitmaps.
    These are fixed resolution images.
    You can increase or decrease the size of a bitmap image a little but it will degrade the image quality for a large size change.
    Vector graphic images are much more scalable and can be enlarged indefinitely without producing "jaggies".

    I use a vector graphics package called Inkscape - it a free, open source package available from
    I import the bitmaps into Inkscape and use it's Tracing tool to convert them to vector graphic images.
    The Inkscape bitmap tracer is very good. Using relatively low-resolution bitmaps, nicely smoothed artwork can be created.
    Generally, I do a lot of manual tweeking for the images for Space Babe 113 to get the look I want.

Remember: When using Inkscape or any other software - Save regularly and Save often and don't forget to do backups!

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