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Space Babe's Convention Appearances and Other News Stuff
  • We're pleased to announce that Space Babe 113 will be one of the exhibitors at The Comica Spring Comiket 2016
    This takes place on Saturday 14th May 2016 at the House Of Illustration, 2 Granary Square, London N1C 4BH, near St Pancras and ADMISSION IS FREE!!!

  • We're very pleased to announce that Space Babe will be exhibiting at the first Derby Comic Festival - Saturday 3rd September at The Silk Mill in Derby (UK).
    and at the 2016 Thought Bubble Comic Con 2016 5th & 6th November in the Leeds Dock area of Leeds - its usual venue areas.

  • Our latest comic, Believe IT Or Bullsh IT has just arrived from the printers! It features Space Babe 113 and a number of fictional newspaper strips, comics and pulp magazines!

  • Space Babe 113 will be exhibiting at the Shrewsbury International COMIC ART FESTIVAL 2016 Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July 2016. This is part of the cunningly named Shrewbury Fields Forever Festival featuring Music, Art and Comedy! (It's in Shrewsbury, UK).

  • The Space Babe 113 graphic novel is out!
    Reviews on Bleeding Cool and Now Read This

  • The Space Babe 113 graphic novel is out soon! Published by Soaring Penguin, it contains a revised, remastered, colourised version of the original Space babe 113 comic series.
    It looks (if I may say) great!

  • It's been a while since I've updated this ... 'fraid I've been working on a Space Babe 113 graphic novel. It contains the first nine Space Babe 113 comics with revised artwork, extra pages etc. Should be out in a couple of months or so from Soaring Penguin. With colour!

    I'm rather pleased to say that the "To End All Wars" anthology to which I contributed, has been nominated for Eisner awards in two categorys! A paperback edition is out later this year, incase you missed it.

    The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton didn't get past the long list stage of the BCA, however Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable continued their West story and it is now available from Angry Candy here.

  • I'm very pleased and excited that The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton has been longlisted for the British Comics Awards, 2014!

    The third and final part of Space Babe's The Knights Of Mars story is now at the printers at last...

  • It would appear that one of our customers at the FireCat Comilet is an animator. I guess he liked Space Babe 113 as I was surprised to find he has made a little animation, which you can see here (I hope it is still there - it was at the beginning of September 2014).

    His site is worth a look - with some naughty but tasteful nude animations and other stuff.

  • The To End All Wars graphic anthology about World War I is out! I have my contributor copy and it is a very nice product.

    Work is progressing on episode three of The Knights Of Mars - unfortunately it won't be out for the Comiket. I've got just under half of it done and I'm finding my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 fun to draw with. I do the main character drawings using the S-Note program (comes pre-installed) and import these into Inkscape on the PC, tweak them and add backgrounds.
    The Galaxy Note comes with a stylus, the S-Pen - which (despite its somewhat plasticy look) seems great to work with. The Galaxy Note can also be used to make 'phone calls and send texts - which is a useful additional feature...

  • The To End All Wars graphic anthology about World War I is out very soon - really looking forward to seeing it!

    I've started working on the final part of The Knights Of Mars - I'm doing the basic character drawings on a Android phablet and then constructing the final pages on the PC. This is working OK so far (I think) - hope you'll like the finished product...

    We had a great time at the MCM in Manchester - love the venue (it used to be Manchester Central railway station).
    We also exhibited at the London Film And Comic Con where I met Steve Rude who is not only a great artist but seems to be a nice guy to boot! Sadly, the Earl's Court venue is soon to be demolished - I wonder how this will affect the area and its tube stations?

  • Recently, I contributed some artwork to a what looks to be a great anthology of stories about World War I. It will be out shortly and is available for pre-order from the publishers Soaring Penguin or from Amazon, Forbidden Planet, Waterstone's amongst other places!

  • My iPAQ PDA has pretty much worn out (their screens can only take a few years of heavy drawing it would appear) and I've recently been using a Windows XP pen-based tablet (over 5 years old which makes it ancient in computing technology terms) - so I've been looking for a replacement as it's high time I got on with the final part of Space Babe's Knights Of Mars story. I'll let you know how I get on with Android based art apps...

  • So far this year, we've been to a couple of small conventions and the huge MCM in London. Coming up in a few days is The London Film and Comic Con which will feature Stan Lee's final European appearance it seems. Following shortly after that is the MCM Manchester. Hope we'll be able to see you there...

  • The The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton got off to a good start at Thought Bubble 2013!
    It also got a review! (which lists the wrong publisher but I'll forgive them as they liked it!).
    Andrew Cheverton (whose West strip also features in the comic) is very generously selling it via his online shops at Comicsy and Big Cartel. Thanks, Andrew!

    We enjoyed Thought Bubble - Space Babe 113 was in the third hall and I rather liked the "Blade Runner" vibe of its bare walls! It seems that the extra hall was probably a one-off and won't be there next time...

    The railway track we used to get to the Exeter Comic Con a year or two ago got badly damaged in the recent floods/storms in the UK. Guess we won't be going that way again as it looks like they'll have to change the railway's route. If you've been hit by the weather, I hope you can get back to normal soon...

  • The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton will be launching at Thought Bubble 2013 in a couple of weeks time.
    This meta-fictional scrapbook collection of faux newspaper strips chronicles a collector's descent into mental illness and contains a Space Babe 113 story amongst other great comics.

  • The KnightsOf Mars Episode Two: Cos (Space Babe's second colour comic) debuted at Nerdfest Comic Con.
    We also showed sneak previews of the "secret project" which I can now reveal is "The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton" - a meta-fictional scrapbook collection of newspaper strips chronicling its owner's descent into mental illness.
    See Oscar Charles Drayton on Facebook for more info...

  • Space Babe's second colour comic (The Knights Of Mars Episode Two: Cos) is now in the hands of the printers. All being well, it will be unleashed at Nerdfest Comic Con.

  • Had a good weekend at this year's Caption Convention. I picked up a number of interesting comics, including Paul Rainey's Thunder Brother Soap Division.

    The "secret project" is shaping up nicely - met up with the other creator's at Caption. We hope to launch it at Thought Bubble, which Space Babe has a table at! We are in the new third hall. Looking forward to seeing what that's like.

    I've nearly finished Space Babe's second colour comic (The Knights Of Mars Episode Two: Cos) hope to have it out for the Nerdfest Comic Con.

  • Space Babe 113 had a table at the 2013 Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo. As with last year, this was again at "the Railway Station" venue - nice Victorian building, bright and airy.
    There were noticably more visitors this year (or so it seemed to me), particularly on the Sunday and I was quite surprised to sell as many Space Babe 113 comics on the Sunday as the Saturday.

    We managed to get the new Space babe 113 comic (The Knights Of Mars Episode One: Tan) ready in time for Bristol and most of our sales were of this. It is a bit of a change for Space Babe 113 - the comic is in colour throughout and not all of the panels are square... Thanks to Paul Rainey who mentioned it favourably in his blog.

    I just noticed that Forbidden Planet mentioned Space Babe 113 in their review of Thought Bubble 2012 - thanks guys!

  • Had a fun day at the Comica Comiket - April 20th at Central Saint Martin's - near St. Pancras. The venue was rather nice.
    The Comiket as usual, featured a wide range of creators including some Dutch comics.
    On display was Dave Gibbons pastiche of Roy Lichtenstein's Whaam!. Gibbons credits the original artist (Irv Novick), something which Lichtenstein neglected to do.
    It is interesting to compare the two (three if you count the original comic panel) works - Lichtenstein's painting isn't just a copy of Novick's work - there are significant differences - Whaam! is rather more simplified. Also, is Whaam! a comment on the sixties war comics? Gibbon's work (called Whaat!) is quite humerous - close inspection of the painting is needed to get the full joke.

  • I've got a few pages of a new Space Babe 113 comic done - this one's going to be in colour...

    Just noticed that Pages And Panels (a new comics blog) has a review of Space Babe 113 here!

  • I started work on anotther Space Babe 113 comic at last year's LSCC and I very much hope to get it done for later this year.

    Additionally, I'm currently working on a "secret" comic project with a number of other small press creators. It is an unusual anthology and will have Space Babe 113 amongst its contents.
    More details to come...

  • This year's Thought Bubble convention sold out its exhibitor tables in a mere two hours - we were among the creators who didn't get a table so unfortunately, it looks like Space Babe won't be visiting Leeds this year :(.

  • Luckily, not all conventions sold out quite that fast and Space Babe was amongst the comics on show at the 2013 London Super Comic Con at the Excel Centre, 23rd and 24th February.
    This year the Excel Centre was also hosting a Beauty convention and a Baby con - which made queueing for lunch a little surreal at times.

    As with last time, there were dealers offering Golden Age comics for sale for those suitably endowed in the wallet department. Interestingly, there were also some pulp magazines on offer - nice to see some of the famous covers "in the flesh".

    I picked up a number of comics and bought some of them, including several issues of Paul Rainey's Thunder Brother Soap Division which is proving a good successor to There's No Time Like The Present. Thunder Brother is in colour which suits his work well.
    I also acquired Sgt Mike Battle's LAST ADMIN HERO collection and Accent UK's cunningly titled Missing: Have You Seen The Invisible Man? amongst others.

  • The universe didn't end on the 21st December 2012 - probably unsurprising considering that so far every predicition of its demise has turned out to be false.

  • Exclusive Space Babe 113 artwork prints were amongst the examples of modern pinup artwork on display at the Jingle Belles: Pin-Up Showcase exhibition on the 6th December 2012.
    Weather-wise it was one of the worst nights of the year - if you braved the elements, I hope you enjoyed the show and thanks for attending!

  • As usual, the year ended with a whole load of conventions - The MCM Expo, The Comica Comiket and Thought Bubble all within the space of a few weeks.
    At the Comiket, I contributed to the ComiCake, a pair of chocolate cakes with a comic strip drawn on them in food dye - I hadn't seen pens with food dye instead ink before...

  • Just had confirmation that Space Babe 113 will be exhibiting at the London Super Comic Convention (23rd and 24th February 2013, at the Excel Centre in London's docklands). This year's LSCC was a lot of fun, so looking forward to it!

  • Much enjoyed this years Caption! I drew a page for the convention booklet which contained some great stuff.

  • The e-comic Space Babe 113 Episode Two: Lirka has got a review on Chaos Hour! I love the headline!

  • Space Babe's new comic (Space Babe 113 Costumes, Comics and Conventions) is now available from Orbital Comics 8 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JA. Thanks very much, guys!

    The new comic is DVD booklet sized and has a fold-out cover, interior spot colour and is a collection of Space Babe 113 short pieces old and new - you can check it out at the shop!

  • Space Babe 113 exhibited at Paul Rainey's MKomix Comic Fair on the evening of 19th July 2012. The event took place at the Milton Keynes Art Gallery, a pleasent venue with friendly and helpful staff. The visitors showed interest in our comics and we sold a number of the new "Space Babe 113 Costumes, Comics and Conventions".

    Of course, with the excellent array of material available, we managed to leave with more comics than we arrived with... picking up Paul Rainey's new opus (apparently he had time to do comics as well as organise the event...); issues of West and The Whale House from Andy Cheverton; said "Hi" to Dan Lester who has recently returned to the UK and wasted no time getting out a new issue of his Monkeys Might Puke; Selina Scott and Jay Eales showed me a pre-release version of their forthcoming Girly Comic Book 2. The cover was a temporary image and a very impressive oriental style drawing - the real cover is going to have to be super-special to beat it!

    Richy Chandler had a number of comics including his micro-comics (a single page of A4 folds to make the issue) on display with a tablet running a video demonstrating how to fold them! 8).

    Rob Jacksons superbly titled "It's A Man's Life In The Ice Cream Business" had a cover too good to resist - so I didn't. I also swapped some Space Babe comics with Ash Pure for his rather interestingly design-oriented comic: The Lion And The Unicorn and enjoyed the line-work in Decadence Comics Pyramid Scheme and Other Stories. (unfairly - sorry) mention just a few of the creators present - check out the full line-up (and some images) at: the blog.

    The gallery is currently showing an exhibition of the original artwork for Pushwagner's 60's/70's graphic novel - a Metropolis for the late-ish 20th Centuary - worth a look if you are able.

  • Now less than two weeks to go to Paul Rainey's MKomix Comic Fair on 19th July 2012 (6-9 pm), at the Milton Keynes Art Gallery. The line-up of exhibitors looks great - Siobhan and I are really looking forward to it.

    Space Babe's new comic (Space Babe 113 Costumes, Comics and Conventions) will make its first public appearence at MKomix.
    The new comic has a slightly different format to previous Space Babe issues and has spot colour on all interior pages.
    Including the cover, there are 22 pages - yes 22, not 20 or 24 - how can this be? Find out at MKomix!

  • The last weekend of May 2012 was the London Comic Con MCM Expo 25th-27th May 2012 at the Excel Centre in London's Docklands.

    Much cosplay was in evidence (as expected) - one visitor was wearing a FaceBook costume!

    I managed to do some more sketches for Episode 10 - I rediscovered pencil drawing at the London Super Comic Convention and have done some at each con since.

    The e-Comic of Episode Two is now available on Amazon.

  • Spent the weekend of 12th-13th May 2012 at the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo.
    The convention was back at the railway station venue with just the panels at the Ramada Hotel. - there was in-venue food available - hand delivered to the exhibitor's table - a nice touch.
    The weather was really nice (maybe too nice?) but the hall didn't get quite as sweltering as the last time we were there.

    I was interviewed by Padraig Balch for Chaos Hour. He very kindly described Space Babe as "the coolest girl at Bristol Comic Expo" - praise indeed considering the company she was in.

    I also swopped a Space Babe comic with Aneurin Wright who had a rather nice Flash based comic featuring gorilla action (which I bought a copy of).

    Veteran newspaper strip artists Sydney Jordan (of Jeff Hawke fame) and John Burns were interviewed by Mike Conroy in an entertaining panel.
    Unfortunately, Martin Asbury was unable to join them.

    The London Comic Con MCM Expo is our next convention - just over a week to go...

  • Space Babe 113 was among the many and various comics on offer at the Comica Comiket on 21st April 2012 (once again at the rather nice Great Hall at the Bishopsgate Institute near Liverpool Street station in London). I picked up a number of notable titles including Darryl Cuningham's great Science Tales, John Allison's Murder She Writes and lots of other whizzo stuff.

    As usual, a number of artists were invited to draw live on stage, the results being projected onto a large screen for all to see. While most people used pencil/pen/paint, amongst the artists was Philppa Rice demonstrating her scissors and glue skills (she produces the collage web-comic My Cardboard Life).

    The Bristol Convention is now only days away - we hope to have some new Space Babe 113 goodies there (not episode 10 though)...

  • The third Space Babe e-Comic is nearing completion.
    Damien Walter is looking for the weird in fiction. I added a Space Babe e-Comic to the list of suggestions...

  • Space Babe exhibited at the first Birmingham MCM (31st March to 1st April, 2012). It was recognisably MCM, lots of cosplayers, Manga and Anime etc. There was also an in-exhibition Pizza stand - most welcome. Hope you enjoyed it if you were there.

  • The Lure Of Lee appeared to bring a lot of people to the London Super Comic Convention 25th-26th February 2012. The Saturday queue to meet Stan Lee was an impressively long line and although shorter, the Sunday queue was still well endowed with bodies!
    The show had a great atmosphere - Siobhan and I both enjoyed it. A number of dealers present had Golden Age comics for sale - great to see such material "in the flesh" (or perhaps I should say "in the wood pulp" :) ).

    Although not as heavy on the cosplay as the other Excel Centre convention (the MCM) there were still a number of impressive costumes, such as a Lara Croft who was taller than most people there (including the obligatory storm trooper) and a She-Hulk who could carry other cosplayers whilst posing for photos.
    The influence of Stan Lee was clearly apparent in the number of costumes of characters created/co-created or written by him.

    A couple of visitors to our table told us of their plans to start comic shops, so hopefully this is a good sign and we wished them luck.

    John Anderson of Soaring Penguin gave me a copy of "The Jam Trap" an entertaining, illustrated book of poetry by Chrissy Williams (I contributed some of the illustrations).
    It's available from Amazon and Soaring Penguin.

    There's photos and interesting facts and stuff about the LSCC on Bleeding Cool (check the guy in the Stan Lee costume!) and Images Degrading Forever.

  • Space Babe exhibited at the COMIC EXPO EXETER on Sunday 19th February 2012. The event was a small, short but fun affair at the rather nice Rougemont Thistle Hotel in Exeter.

  • Just heard that Space Babe 113 has a small-press table at the new London Super Comic Convention, 25th-26th February 2012.
    This is a new convention, taking place at the Excel Centre in Docklands (same place as the London MCM). I'm looking forward to finding out what it is like and...

    ...Stan Lee is on the guest list!

  • I enrolled the Space Babe 113 e-books in the Amazon KDP Select program which allowed them to have the special offer price of 0.00 over Christmas and Boxing Day.
    If you were amongst the many people who took advantage of this (or purchased them before or after), I hope you enjoyed them!

    This free promotion generated a significantly larger number of sales (in line with the reported findings of other KDP Select authors) and also appears to have enticed the first Italian and French Space Babe 113 e-book customers.

  • Both Space Babe 113 e-books are now available from the Kindle Store and the Tienda Kindle as well as the UK, US, German and French Kindle shops.

  • The second Space Babe 113 e-book is now available from the Amazon. Unleashed almost a year to the day after the first, this one is a completely revised, reformatted and remastered version of the first Space Babe 113 print comic.

  • Space Babe 113 exhibited at the end-of-year conventions - strange how they cluster around late October and early-mid November.

    First up was the The MCM Expo 29th-30th October at the Excel Centre in London. We were in the Comics Village.
    As expected, there was some serious cosplay.

    Notable costumes included Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2, a pre-Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury and a group of cat-girls who were photographed being petted by group of StormTroopers.

    The MCM layout was a little different this time, with the Comic Village being both sides of the main path through the hall(s). Space Babe 113 was privileged to have a particularly good spot, next to the entrance to the memoribillia section (it got a bit crowded at times but never unpleasantly so).

    Knockabout Comics had the table next to us which was manned by Tony Bennet and Hunt Emerson, who were charming neighbours. Hunt drew an excellent caricature of Siobhan to advertise his willingness to do drawings of the MCM visitors (and he very kindly let us keep it!).

    This year's November Comica Comiket (part of the Comica Festival) was held on the 12th November 2011 at the Great Hall at Bishopsgate Institute, London - alongside Liverpool Street Station and over the road.

    This was a great venue - congratulations to the organisers!

    Apart from some great and varied comics (including some visiting Latvian creators) the Comiket also featured a Drawing Parade where the audieence were able to see some famous artists at work. Video of the artists drawing was projected onto an impressively large screen. First up was Posy Simmonds, the show ending with Roger Langridge with plenty in between.

    There was a little cosplay, but this is not a major feature of the Comiket...

    The final convention of 2011 for Space Babe 113 was Thought Bubble - 19th-20th November 2011 in Leeds.

    This year it expanded to two days and two buildings. Due to unexpected circumstances, the organisers very kindly allowed us to experience both halls. On Saturday we were in what is now known as The New Dock Hall - very large with subdued lighting. On Sunday we switched to The Royal Armouries Hall - bright and airy. Hope you found us! There seemed to be a huge amount of exhibitors this year. Amongst the comics I picked up were the latest issue of Square Eyed Stories and Terry Wiley's Verity Fair - both very enjoyable!

    There was quite a bit of cosplay (though not by MCM standards). Also a group of young women roller skaters in gold hot-pants were in evidence, announcing the panels etc.

  • The Space Babe 113 e-book is now available from the Boutique Kindle - this joins the UK, US and German Kindle shops.

  • Facebook have changed things again, so there is a new Space Babe 113 Facebook page, the old one will be going away, apparently.

  • Sadly, it seems that there won't be a London Comic & Small Press Expo in 2012. The organisers decided to cancel it due to a date-clash with another event. Shame, as the 2011 was very enjoyable.

    They are still organising the Bristol Expo, though.

  • This year, the Birmingham International Comics Show was replaced by a one-day event 2011 BC, on 27th August 2011 at The Holiday Inn (conveniently situated a few minutes walk from the station - which was lucky as our train was a little delayed). Despite being a smaller, shorter event, we actually had better sales than last year - mainly due to a number of people buying the complete set of Space Babe 113 issues. Normally we take stands, a digital photo-frame and stuff with us but this time we went for a more minimalist table layout - maybe this helped as well?

    A couple of month back, we attended the one-day Comics Launchpad event by the same organisers. This event had a number of interesting panels and discussions. There was considerable talk about digital comics including an excellent overview and look to the future by Danial Merlin Goodbrey (

  • The Caption Convention (6-7th August 2011, at the East Oxford Community Centre, Oxford, UK) was, as usual a fun event. This year's theme was austerity - there was a hilarious panel led by Paul Rainey on how to legally read mainstream comics on a limited budget. I also attended a masterclass on minimalism by Al Davison (during which he demonstrated his ability to draw with both hands simultaneously!).

  • Loved the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo (14th-15th May 2011). As in previous years, the venue was the Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel and Spa, which proved as nice as usual. This year there were considerably more exhibitors and attendees than last year.

    Met John Freeman who told me about the latest at ROK comics and chatted to the people behind YURI's DAY The Road To The Stars - a graphic novel about Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. The comic is apparently contraversial in Russia and tells the amazing story behind this historic space mission.

    I also attended a rather interesting panel held by J. Wallis Martin who had much to say about publishing in general and why e-books are changing the world. She is now a bestselling crime author, but before that she was a Commissioning Editor for Hodder & Stoughton so obviously knows what she is talking about.

    The Ramada Hotel was the venue for the more mainstream comics and I was able to get there to see Sydney Jordan (the artist behind the excellent Jeff Hawke SF newspaper strip). I've always liked the strip (see here and here) with its mixture of realistic space hardware, astronomical scenes and wierd aliens. You can trace the evolution of space vehicle concepts of the 1950's, 60's and 70's by looking at the art. I bought a piece of the original art for an early Hawke strip - it pre-dates manned space flight and shows astronauts on the moon wearing hard space suits (looking somewhat like Bender in Futurama). Later strips showed Hawke wearing more modern NASA suits and featured NASA designs for Mars landers etc.

    Sadly, the days of daily adventure strips in newpapers seems to have passed, though Tim Keable (artist on the great small-press western comic West) pointed out that the Mirror is reprinting some Frank Bellamy Garth stories.

    Next year, the Bristol convention is in a single venue back in the Engineers Shed - looking forward to it!

  • Space Babe 113 was one of many independent publications on show at the first London Comic & Small Press Expo on March 12th 2011. Billed as "The Capital's Bohemian Comic Show", it took place at the Goldsmith's University in New Cross.

    Space Babe's ninth episode also made it's debut.

    The day started off slowly, but picked up after lunch and we chatted to quite a few people.

    The venue was rather nice, bright and airy with art deco decor. The Expo's organisers had gone for a table-layout remarkably reminiscent of The Thing of fond memory, however the larger size of the Goldsmith's hall ment the aisles were wider than usual...
    Siobhan again showed off Space Babe's Kindle comic. Interestingly, many more people recognised the Kindle this time - one couple even had one with them and downloaded the Space Babe 113 e-comic's preview whilst we talked (one of our fellow exhibitors also downloaded it onto their iPad...)!

    Definitely a fun first convention of 2011 (for us) and a good start for the new London convention.

  • The Comic Book Alliance has auctioned comics and related items for charity on eBay. Plenty of goodies were available, inclucing a signed full set (issues 1-8) of Space Babe 113.

  • We've booked a table for Bristol 2011.

  • We went to Leeds for the Thought Bubble Festival. As with previous Though Bubble events, it had a great atmosphere and lots of fun. There were people in costumes as usual - Darth Vader shook hands with me! (He remembered me from BICS - I believe he is part of an organisation that raises money for charity by appearing in costumes at such events).

    Siobhan got a lot of interest showing off the new Space Babe 113 e-comic on her Kindle. The comic is available from Amazon UK and US. It is readable on the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android devices and so on.

    A couple of people interviewed and filmed us as well!

  • After the MCM Expo, the Comica Comiket Independent Comics Fair was a somewhat smaller affair, but still a very enjoyable day.

    As well as being able to examine (and purchase) small-press comics, the visitors could also see artists such as Paul Grist, Hunt Emerson and Roger Langridge (to unfairly mention but a few) at work.

    Interestingly, one of the visitors collects comics with ancient Egyptian themes and he very kindly bought a couple of copies of Episode 5 (he has a friend with similar interests).
    In that issue, Space Babe 113 dreams she is Queen Cleopatra trying to seduce the Roman Emperor in what is probably the raunchiest episode of Space Babe 113 so far.
    The dream scene was inspired by what I'd seen in TV documentaries and read in newspapers about ancient Egypt. Their creation myths must be some of the wierdest in the history of the human race, not to mention their ideas on contraception...

    Thought Bubble is mere days away now - the last few months of the year are certainly well-endowed with Comic events...

  • We attended the MCM Expo 29th-31st Oct 2010. Space Babe 113 didn't win the Eagle Award for Favourite British Black And White Comic, however it was great to be nominated (thanks to all who voted for Space Babe).
    Congratulations to Accent UK whose "Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man" was the winning comic.

    The cosplay at the MCM was as amazing as last time.

    The Space Babe 113 table was next to Chicken And Chips - an extremely well drawn and thoughtful strip about multiculturalism in a primary school setting.

  • Just got back from BICS 2010. A strangely tiring but enjoyable two days. There were a number of people wandering around in costumes (though nothing like as many as at the MCM).
    We didn't get lost this time.
    Our table was next to Sgt Mike Battle (who has just unleashed a collection of the first 7 (IIRC) of his ludicrously OTT satirical issues) and Spandex - the fun and colourful gay superhero comic (also nominated for an Eagle Award).

  • Just found out that there's going to be a new London comics event next year (March 12th 2011).
    This is The London Comic & Small Press Expo. It looks very like the sadly defunct Thing convention that used to be around that time.
    I used to enjoy The Thing and I'm really looking forward to this one. It's at the Goldsmith's University, the venue looks nice and has a snack shop! There will be a Space Babe 113 table, hope we will see you there.
    Banner for the Expo

  • Space Babe 113 was one of the many exhibitors at the Comica Comiket at Pump House Gallery: Independent Comics Summer Fair on Sunday 22nd August 2010.
    It was a great day - nice venue (inside a tent outside the Pump House). If you visited it, I hope you enjoyed it too.
    The new edition of episode 1 made it's first public appearance.
    Some of the usual suspects at the Pump House

  • Went to see the Tate Britain's Rude Britannia: British Comic Art exhibition.

    It was extremely interesting - the exhibition features a lot of political and social commentary/satire and also examples of British bawdy humour. Most of this is in cartoon form with some videos. The material ranges from early 18th centuary stuff (which shows the excellent hatching skills of the engravers, not to mention the savagery of the times and the cartoonists) to modern publications.

    Cartoons of Mrs. T, John Major, Tony Blair etc. and original art by Leo Baxendale and Glen Baxter are on show. Viz also features prominantly, with Roger Mellie providing the captions for Hogarth's The Rake's Progress.

    Some surprising oil-paintings demonstrate that caricatures are nor a modern invention.

    One room of the exhibition is a "reading room" with chairs, sofas etc. where you can read books, comics and 'zines. There is a Space babe 113 comic along with a number of other "small press" publications. I noticed a Jimi Gherkin 'zine and My Cardboard Life, amongst others.

    The exhibition is on from 9th June to the 5th September 2010. Definitely worth a look, IMHO.

  • Caption (31st July-1st August 2010) was a fun weekend, with (as usual) interesting and entertaining panels.

  • Tate Britain were requesting comics, fanzines etc. for their Rude Britannia: British Comic Art exhibition, so I sent them a copy of Space Babe 113, issue 3 and they liked it! It'll be in the exhibition reading room.
    The exhibition is on from 9th June to the 5th September 2010. Hope you can get to see it, I haven't been to it yet but intend to soon.

  • Voting has now finished for the 2010 Eagle Awards
    Thanks very much to everyonne who voted for us!

  • Spent the weekend ( 29th-30th May 2010 ) at the MCM Expo.
    This was the first time Space Babe 113 had appeared at the MCM and it proved to be an interesting experience - easily the largest event Space Babe has exhibited at.
    As I had been advised beforehand, a lot of the visitors indulge in cosplay. The range and quality of the costumes was impressive, including some from the Ace Attorney series.

    Space Babe 113 was part of the comic village, which contained a lot of familiar faces.
    Overall it was fun and I'm glad we went. If you picked up some Space Babe comics there, I hope you enjoyed them and if it was the lure of "hot archaeological action" that drew you in, I trust Space Babe delivered...

    We sold the last of issue 1, I'm intending to do a second edition (I've learnt to draw a bit better since then...) - hopefully to be ready later this year.

  • Heard today (24th May 2010) that Space babe 113 is a nominee for an Eagle Award!
    The competing comics are (as you would imagine) very strong contenders...
    I'm really stunned (and pleased!) - many thanks to everyone who voted for us in the nominations stage!

  • Space Babe 113 exhibited at the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo (22nd to 23rd May 2010).
    We were in the main room of the small-press area. If you were there, I hope you enjoyed it too.
    Next door to us, Paul Rainey had a new issue of There's No Time Like The Present (#12 - onnly one to go, appparently) - it was very good, I thought. Next to him was Andy Cheverton and Tim Keeble with West - the hardback collection is out ('ray!) - very nice.
    The small-press has up-ed its game lately, OmniVistaScope for example seems a stupendous production!.

  • Sadly, The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2010 is destined to be the last Thing - Mr. Thing has announced he is calling it a day.
    Sorry to see it go. Let's hope someone else will start another London convention.

  • The The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2010 27th March 2010 was it's usual enjoyable self.
    Thanks to everyone who dropped by. I Hope you enjoyed it too.
    Picked up the latest of Paul Rainey's There's No Time Like The Present and Andy Cheverton and Tim Keeble's latest episode of West and enjoyed them both.
    The Thing anthology (great value at only 2) contained some good stuff, including some stunning paintings of pre-historic life by Tim Keeble.
    Photo's on Space Babe's facebook fan page

  • Earlier news...

More Space Babe 113 news to come....