The Other Stuff of John Maybury

An image of Space Babe 113

Apart from Space Babe 113, I have worked on a number of comics over the years.

In the early 1990's I did some work for small press comics where I attempted to make up for my lack of drawing skills by using ever more flashy layouts. Eventually my artwork got so far up itself, it could tickle its tonsils. Fortunately, a friend introduced me to the Comics Creators Guild, who saved me from a fate worse than artistic death. ( NB - there is no apostrophe in Comics Creators Guild, I think that's because it is the guild of more than one creator, not the guild belonging to the creator, if that is correct and if you care about such things! ) In the CCG, I quickly learned that less can be more and stuff...

Since then, stories with John Maybury artwork have appeared in Soaring Penguin's Meanwhile #4, in the Traitor's Gait football comic: Foul! and in the Comics Creators Guild Annuals for 2006 and 2007 ( which I also helped edit - OK, I confess - I shamelessly deemed my submissions worthy... ).
More recently, I contributed artwork for a story in Soaring Penguin's "To End All Wars The Graphic Anthology of The First World War".

Here are some examples:

One of the pages I contributed to To End All Wars The Graphic Anthology of The First World War:

One of my pages from To End All Wars The Graphic Anthology of The First World War

A page from the CCG Annual, from Gio Spinella's romance "The Depths Of The Heart".

Page 5 from Gio Spinella's Depths Of The Heart

Another CCG Annual page, this time from my own SF story, Escape From Baik Ekra III.

Page 3 from Escape From Baik Ekra III

I also did some production work for Win's graphic autobiography, Salamander Dance. Basically, I took the scanned pencil art, adjusted the contrast and tidied up a few construction lines to get it ready for printing.
It is a great look at Win's ( presumably ) formative years at school and also some of his thoughts on more modern life and is very well drawn ( despite what he says ), funny, moving and thought provoking. Here are some small examples:

A few panels from I Like Cats?
Above is an extract from the "I Like Cats?" story.

Below is an extract from "A Tale Of Revision":

A few panels from A Tale Of Revision

The Salamander Dance extracts are (c) 2007 Stephan F Wiacek and Winning Streak, the extracts from the CCG annual are (c) 2006 John Maybury. The extract from To End All Wars is (c) 2014 John Maybury.