The Erotic Recomendations of SPACE BABE 113


Erotic Comics: A Graphic History by Tim Pilcher (Author), Gene Kannenberg (Collaborator)

I guess erotic art has been around since humans first tried drawing and with this two-volume book, Tim Pilcher and Gene Kannenberg present an illustrated history of Erotic Comics. Starting from pre-comics days volume one progresses through to the 1970's. Volume two takes the story up to the present and includes Space Babe 113.

A lot of material is covered and it revealed much I was unaware of. I was surprised by how naughty the Victorians/Edwardians were, for example - I knew about Aubrey Beardsley but it would seem he was not alone! I particularly liked the Edwardian postcard featuring the "pussy joke".

As the history proceeds though the 20th centuary to the '70s, Tijuana Bibles, the 60s underground comix, Jane, Barbarella, Wally Wood and loads more naughty bits are discussed and not just work of British or US origin. There is lots of great artwork and information in this book. Volume two completes the story (with a foreword by Alan Moore), covering such material as Lost Girls, Junko Mazuno, Cherry and much more.

I would certainly recomend this to all erotic comic fans, not just because of the Space Babe connection.

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