Reviews of SPACE BABE 113

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So, what are people saying about Space Babe 113?
Here are links to some views/reviews of Space Babe 113...

Bleeding Cool Praises the graphic novel: here. and here (scroll down a bit)

Now Read This Loves the graphic novel: here
The Knights Of Mars finds favour in the Netherlands - see the reviews: part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

Felix Sputnik
An Animator bought some Space Babe comics at the FireCat Comiket in the British Library (August 2014) and he must have liked it as he made a little animation!
Hopefully, the Space Babe animation is still there when you are reading this at some future date...

His site is worth a look - it includes some naughty but tasteful nude animations and other stuff.

Paul Rainey's Blog
Paul Rainey likes the Knights Of Mars here.

Forbidden Planet's Blog
Space Babe 113 gets a mention in FP's review of Thought Bubble 2012 - you'll need to scroll down a bit...
You can also see the cover of the freebie Space Babe 113 comic Thoiught Bubble and Travelling Man very kindly included in the goodie bags.

Pages And Panels Comics Blog
Thanks to Anna Harris and Kayleigh Powis for reviewing Space Babe 113 on their new comics blog. You can read Anna's comments here.

Chaos Hour
Chaos Hour review the e-comic Space Babe 113 Episode Two: Lirka here. They come up with some great headlines!

Comic Creators Guild
Great reviews of Space Babe 113 #1, #2 and #3 are here. (These used to be on the CCG's website)

Shelf Abuse
A nice review/featurette of Space Babe 113 appears on Shelf Abuse here.

There's a brief review of Space Babe 113 #3 here.

Space In Text
Whilst not a review as such, Alison Sampson featured Space babe 113 in her Space In Text blog on 3rd June 2010. She applied an interesting collection of tags to the feature.