The Erotic Characters of SPACE BABE 113

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Here are some of the major characters in Space Babe 113.

Space is tricked into helping Star sell human porn to aliens...
  • Space Babe 113 the catering officer on the trading ship Marco Polo.
  • Wanted to be a fashion designer, but the careers robot made her become an astronaut.
  • Likes to enjoy herself and have fun as much as possible but even though on a five-year mission, she has promised to stay faithful to her boyfriend back home
    ....after getting drunk at a party.
Space Babe's knickers explain why they are incompatible with the Lirka's computer.
  • Space Babe's Knickers are more than just fabric...
  • Have on-board artificial intelligence with lots of useful sensors etc.
  • Consider themselves Space Babe's conscience and are not afraid to speak out...
Mrrf ponders the ambiguity of the human word "pussy"
  • Mrrf M'N'Cha Space Babe's triple-bosomed buddy.
  • Lesbian sex officer on the Marco Polo and the only alien in the crew.
  • Her race wear nothing but ribbons, tied in a bow. These ribbons have deep ceremonial significance and must be correctly chosen for each occasion.
Star offers Scottish Engineer her opinion of his solution
  • Star Space Babe's double-bosomed nemisis and the Marco Polo's trading officer.
  • Loathes Space Babe for some unknown reason, frequently making bitchy comments about her hedonistic lifestyle.
  • Is mocked in turn by Space Babe, for her comparatively repressed ways, particularly her stay on a Unicorn farm during the Mythical Beasts module of her Genetic Engineering course.
Yeoman Yeoman pilots one of the George Dubya's shuttles
  • Yeoman Yeoman the Captain's Yeoman on the US exploration vessel George Dubya.
  • Fancies her Captain - a fact which the rest of the crew find inexplicable.
  • Is friends with Space Babe, even though she fears they could be rivals for the Captain's affections.
Dr. Stones is surprised by Space Babe's unique archaeological vision
  • Dr. Standing Stones the archaeology officer on the George Dubya.
  • Deeply engrossed in archaeology though he appears to be in the shadow of his equally archaeological brother.
  • Space Babe finds him mind-numbingly cute, however she has yet to meet his even cuter second cousin, Dr. Cojones.
Thora shows Space Babe the Martian Heritage
  • Thora Doris Dr. Stones' Martian Archaeology Assistant on the Knights Of Mars project.
  • Committed to uncovering the heritage of Mars.
  • Space Babe worries she may be Dr. Stones' "Assistant", not his Assistant.
Sir Cuitous-Route explains the chemical composition of the Martian rain
  • Sir Cuitous-Route one of the enigmatic Knights Of Mars
  • Not convinced Space Babe is the chosen one.
  • Supposedly an automaton built by Nano Angello to maintain his Martian art installations.
Rince Cycle meets his worst nightmare - laundry that fights back
  • Rince Cycle the laundry officer on the Marco Polo.
  • Likes drinking and gambling. He is very good at drinking, not so good at gambling.
  • Owes Star considerable amounts in gambling debts, which he pays off by selling "rides" on the ship's spin-dryers. Space Babe is his best customer.
Dr. Placebo is surprised by Space Babe's adventures
  • Dr. Placebo the medical officer on the George Dubya.
  • Constantly on the lookout for research funding. She considers Space Babe's adventures merit further study.
  • Has views on morality somewhat at odds with Space Babe's...
Biscotti recreates Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe
  • Biscotti an alien artist.
  • Likes to paint "hideous models".
  • Pays B'Dwharma to paint his girlfriends.
Scottish Engineer logs his discovery of unattended trousers
  • Scottish Engineer the technical services agent on the Marco Polo.
  • Abhors trousers, the only lower-torso garments he considers worth wearing are tartan boxer shorts.
  • Has complete faith that the right alloy can solve any problem.
Media Director is not pleased with events
  • Media Director in charge of marketing the Space Force's video products.
  • Authorised illegal softwear modifications to Space Babe's knickers.
  • Went to school with Space Babe and is now her boss. Is there a connection?
The Grand T'Kleep
  • The Grand T'Kleep of Tyracus III
  • Looks like a sex-toy...
  • Really a mighty vengeful ruler

More characters to come....