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Hi, welcome to the Website devoted to the comic: The Erotic Adventures of Space Babe 113, an absurdist, surreal, naughty SF comedy. Here you can find strips, news about Space Babe 113, info about how I create the artwork ( like, you really want to know, right? ) and other stuff I hope you might be interested in.

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Space Babe will be at the following conventions and exhibitions:


20th October 2018, Nottingham Conference Centre NG1 4BU (that's in the UK, BTW)

Enter via the Nottingham Trent University Newton Building on Goldsmith Street.

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Nothing to do with Space Babe 113, but I contributed a few pages of artwork to an anthology of World War I stories, it's out now (published by Soaring Penguin).
It is a serious work, not all gung-ho battle action.

Check out the editor's blog:
There's a video showing the variety of styles in it on YouTube: and another where one of the editors flips through the book:!

In 2010, Space Babe 113 was one of the nominees for the Eagle Award for Favourite British Black And White Comic.
Space Babe 113's exhibition appearences:

Jingle Belles: Pin-Up Showcase
At the Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London on Thursday 6th December, 2012.

Rude Britannia: British Comic Art
Rude Britannia: British Comic Art at Tate Britain 9th June to 5th September 2010.
A Space Babe 113 comic was in the exhibition reading room!

Horny Biker Sluts Exhibition.
Leonie O'Moore's mobile exhibition featuring various artists interpretation of the title, had a Space Babe 113 page!

Space Babe 113's appearences in books etc.:

Apart from the graphic novel, Space Babe has appeared in these...

Erotic Comics: A Graphic History Volume 2 by Tim Pilcher and Gene Kannenberg.
I'm really excited about this - two pages devoted to Space Babe in a book with Junko Mizuno and a whole load of other great erotic comics. The foreword is by Alan Moore.
Available both in print and on the Kindle.

The Comics Creators Guild Annuals 2 and 3
Each annual had a short Space Babe story.

And check this out at Pixel Pandemonium!

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