Believe IT Or Bulsh IT: The Ghost Ship Of Queen Shananla

Are alien Sauroids from the future waging a time war in our lifetime?

Read our probe and then decide!

A mockumentary conspiracy-theory comic/magazine set in the same universe as The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton.

It outlines the history of a number of fictional newspaper strips, comics and pulp magazines and their creators...
Set mostly pre-1990, the casual sexism that creators and characters (of all genders) would experience is one of the themes of this comedy.

The back cover of "Believe IT Or Bullsh IT"
Page 11 of "Believe IT Or Bullsh IT"
The fictional cover of Unbelieveably Exciting Stories, March 1953
The cover of "Believe IT Or Bullsh IT"
The fictional cover of Accounting Stories, March 1953
Panel from a fictional newspaper strip
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